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Catalyst v4
Catalyst 4.10 m11928MB13065
Latest version of Catalyst
What\'s new in Catalyst 4.15.8MB3999
Whats new in Catalyst v4.1
Catalyst v4 Manual11MB6115
This manual is embedded in versions of Catalyst after m119. Goto the application HELP menu
HES v4 Support guide02598
Support pages from HES for version 4
Whats new in Catalyst v4.1 -German - Deutsch5.6MB2250
Courtesy of Mike Redmer
Catalyst Features and pricing July 2007016275
PDF of specification of different versions.

Pixelmad v2
Pixelmad f8224MB3625
Latest version of pixelmad. see for more info

Catalyst v3
HES v3 Manual02433
HES manual for v3
Catalyst v3.32 ( PRO DV Express ) h2611MB2396
Last build of v3 ( 3.32 h26 ) in all versions - PRO DV Express
Catalst v3.32 h27 PRO only5.3MB2120
Last build of v3.32. HES support pages -
HES v3 Tutorial02492


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